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12 Cans of 4 Varieties of Tuna[YUI]
Oishii 日本

12 Cans of 4 Varieties of Tuna[YUI]

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Yui Canning 4-variety canned tuna set

The White Ship label was created about 30 years ago by our company's employees, who wanted to make foods that they, themselves would most want to eat.

Enjoy the flavors and textures of solid and chunk tuna, canned in cottonseed and olive oils in one set.

Enjoy our fresh-caught summer albacore tuna, canned and aged in cottonseed oil and 100% natural pure olive oil with one set.

This set is very popular among customers trying Yui Canning's canned tuna for the first time.

It also makes an excellent gift that is sure to please.