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36 Cans of Cottonseed Oil Solid Tuna[YUI]
Oishii 日本

36 Cans of Cottonseed Oil Solid Tuna[YUI]

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We can and age fresh-caught summer albacore tuna in 100% natural pure olive oil, raised on Mediterranean soil and sunlight.

The rich flavors of the olive oil bring the taste of the tuna to another level.

In general, "extra virgin" olive oil is considered the finest, but its strong flavors can overpower the tuna.

So, Yui Canning uses pure olive oil, which goes well with tuna and is ideal for bringing out its flavor.

As with the cottonseed oil, it is carefully aged for six months.

We recommend first eating it as-is. The taste is simple, yet delicious.

It is also ideal for use in dishes that take full advantage of the flavor of the ingredients, from sandwiches to salads. Try using the tuna without draining the oil.