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24 Cans of Cottonseed Oil Chunk Tuna[YUI]
Oishii 日本

24 Cans of Cottonseed Oil Chunk Tuna[YUI]

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The White Ship label was created about 30 years ago by our company's employees, who wanted to make foods that they, themselves would most want to eat.

Our flagship product - fresh summer albacore tuna canned and aged in cottonseed oil. We can in only the most select, pure, first-press cottonseed oil, made using time-honored methods.

Enjoy a full-bodied, mellow flavor.

We recommend first eating it as-is.

The taste is simple, yet delicious.

It is also ideal for use in dishes that take full advantage of the flavor of the ingredients, from sandwiches to salads.

Try using the tuna without draining the oil.