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It is said that by wearing right-handed and left-handed crystals, you can be influenced by the crystals'energy, helping you to maintain an overall balance.


The effects of crystals

Crystals have been used since ancient times as ornaments and amulets.
The crystal is the national gemstone of Japan. Ornaments, such as beads made of crystals, have been excavated from ancient tombs. Since ancient times, people have believed in the power of crystals as a proxy for the gods, and that belief continues to this day.
Crystals appear universally among gemstones and their most distinctive feature is their powerful purifying effect. It is said that crystals' energy can eliminate what should not exist and and return things to how they should be. As a result, they cleanse places and people.
However, these claims have not been scientifically proven, so crystals should ultimately be used as part of personal faith or as charms.

What are Suiryu hojyu crystals?

Since ancient times in Japan, it was thought that for everything we can see around us, there is always a close interconnection between the light and dark - the yin and yang. For example, in nature, there is light and shadow, the sun and moon, fire and water, the heavens and the earth, concave and convex. Natural balance is maintained through the existence of each pair. Just as everything in the world is created through balance, balance is absolutely essential for us to live. Suiryu hojyu crystals were born out of this idea. Suiryu hojyu crystals are made of crystal, Japan's national gemstone. Crystals' energy can affect people when they are worn, and to maintain overall balance you need to use both a right-handed and left-handed crystal.

Right-handed and left-handed crystals

The structure of a crystal is a spiral.Crystals have an optical rotation. If you look at them with a special lens, you can see their spiral, like in these photos. Crystals that spiral to the right are called "right-handed" and crystals that spiral to the left are called "left-handed." In addition, right-handed and left-handed crystals each have their own unique powers; right-handed crystals eliminate bad energy and left-handed crystals draw in good energy. It is said that by holding these two types of crystals together, you can create a natural energy flow to stabilize you mentally and physically, improve good fortune, and maintain balance. Suiryu hojyu crystals' energy can affect people when they are worn, and to maintain overall balance you need to use both a right-handed and left-handed crystal.


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