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Precious Life

If you like convenience but never want to cut corners, this product is for you! We have created the beauty industry's first spray facial cleanser made with kucha. The thick, luxurious foam and kucha combine to clean down to the depths of your pores, washing away dirt and grime.

What is Kucha?

Kucha is only found in Okinawa. Grown for hundreds of years on the gorgeous Okinawa sea bed, it is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Researchers who have discovered kucha's superior adsorptive power have developed methods to purify it for seven years, creating our company's products, which are gentle to your skin, such as Precious Soap.

Three features of kucha

- Negative ions
The negative ions in kucha absorb the positive ions in the dirt in your pores to pull it out.
- Ultra-fine particles
The particles are extremely small, about 1/16th the width of a hair (80 microns),so they can reach deep into pores.
- Marine minerals
It is rich in marine minerals that have accumulated on the Okinawan sea bed for hundreds of years.

"Oh, mine" spray cleansing foam

The kucha's dense foam and pure collagen clean out dirt and sebum from the depths of pores. It also contains the popular cosmetic known as pearl extract. Pear extract, which is rich in conchiolin to help repair and regenerate damaged skin, is also an excellent moisturizer. This one bottle also contains natural cosmetic ingredients such as Okinawan mozuku seaweed extract and hibiscus extract for clean moisture.


Kucha has excellent adsorptive power due to its rich marine minerals, which are capable of even clarifying India ink. The particles are ultrafine - only 5 microns in diameter! Since pores are about 100 microns in diameter, the particles can clean deep inside them.

Pear extract

Conchiolin is part of pearl extract. It helps to invigorate cells. It brings tautness, gloss, and sheen to your skin to make it more beautiful.

Okinawa mozuku seaweed extract and hibiscus extract

A facial cleanser with natural moisturizers. There is no point to a facial cleanser that leaves your skin dry, no matter how well it cleans. Okinawa mozuku seaweed extract and hibiscus extract revitalize and moisturize your skin. They also help make your skin supple.

How to use

First wash off any cosmetics products you may have applied.

1Shake the can up and down before use. Pump out a half ping-pong ball-sized amount of foam onto the palm of your hand.

2Wash your face by massaging the foam in an outward direction along your cheeks, forehead, and chin.

3Thoroughly rinse your face with cold or lukewarm water.

Owing to problems in aspects including regulations and logistics, activities are confined to sales and delivery to locations within Japan and to Hong Kong at present.

Product List

  • Assortment (Two facial cleansing foam and one facial cleansing cream)


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  • Facial cleansing cream


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  • Facial cleansing foam - set of five


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  • Facial cleansing foam


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